Monofilament Men hair Wigs

Monofilament Men Hair Wigs

Monofilament men hair wigs is a kind of one-inch poly skin base with around the back & front sides. If you want to go for a better look for a better balance between permanence and a natural appearance, between strong and easy to clean, monofilament hair wig system then this might be a base for you.


The second most common type of monofilament men hair wigs production is the filament men hair wigs base. This is a hand knotted wig that features sewn in at the crown, with the individual strands of human hair hand-tied into the base. We often call it as mono top hair wigs for men

People who have much hair loss, Monofilament hair wigs specially designed for them Most of their benefits are comfortable, but there are some benefits to their freestyling as well.

Monofilament Men Hair Wigs

All sizes available 7″x5″, 8″x6″,9″x6″, 9″x7″, 10″x7″, 10″x8″. Order now